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Microsoft Exchange as a Service

It would be costly, time-consuming, and challenging for companies to run Microsoft Exchange Server. IT team, hardware, electricity, and monthly management are required expenses to keep the server at your location.

Therefore, businesses are now increasingly tend to hosted services of a software like Microsoft Exchange.

Take Advantage of Abrak MEaaS Benefits

Easy Set-up and Migration

Our expert team will manage migration of your Exchange Services from your in-house servers to our secure cloud system in the best way which it won’t interrupt your business. Moreover, our skilled team will monitor and take care of your service. If you encounter a problem you can share it with us 24/7.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Using hosted Microsoft Exchange, you can be sure that you can access to your email, calendar, contacts, and other necessary tools anytime from anywhere. Our hosted exchange service also provides built-in virus scanning and spam control to reduce common security risks associated with e-mail files.


You will not need an in-house server room, and there is no ongoing maintenance costs. You will only pay for what you use, and you can customize your service package at any time based on your business requirements.

Microsoft Exchange as a Service for All Your Email Business Needs

Choose Your Preferred MEaaS Package
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Just X IRR per GB/Month


How Abrak MEaaS Works?

It takes some simple steps to start hosted exchange service through management console:

Step1: Get Started

To get started with Balut Backup, sign in (sign up) to your account, and launch the backup console.

Step2: Backup Plan

A backup plan defines parameters such as backup frequency and how long to store those backups.

Step3: Assign Resources

By assigning the resources to backup plans, Balut Backup will start automatically backing up the resources.

Step4: Monitor, Restore

Once the backed up process is done, you can totally manage your backups as required.

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