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We provide a verity of world-class cloud services, tailored for our customers of all size.


As a perfect compromise between a dedicated server, a public cloud and a web hosting plan


storage solutions AbrakWith can you(object, file, block), manage your storage simply interface.

Backup as a Service

Data backup management can Abrakbe daunting. Using Backup service, easily create, restore

Exchange as a Service

With a reliable Hosted Exchange service at the right price for your business, you will never have to worry

Data base as a Service

Abrak Database as a Service is planned and built for agile teams who’d rather spend their time developing
Pay only for the services you use each hour/month. More control over your costs and fewer surprises!

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Why Abrak Cloud Solutions?


Access cloud services as much as you need, scale up or down as needed within a few minutes.


Our highest priority is to provide our customer with the comprehensive security capabilities.


Leave complex pricing structures behind & pay for what you use. Always predict what you’ll pay per month with a flat.

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Our dedicated support team provides live technical support around the 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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